My name is Shilo Shiv Suleman-

I am the daughter of نیلوفر/Nilofer (the blue flower)  I took my mother’s surname سلیمان/Suleman (a mountain range/ a prophet) as my own because I was brought into the world through her, and was brought up by her. I am the sister of شان Shaan (pride). I am the grand daughter of نُورجہاں/Noor-Jehan (the light of the world) and قمر الدين/Kamarudin (the moon of faith). In my family line are the women Zubaida, Hamida, Farida, Waheeda daughters of Noor (illuminated) our names are written right to left. 

India (like me) is Muslim. 

Like India, i am also Hindu. 

Look (miraculous) how both faiths live inside me. 

(You can be more than one thing)

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