I exist because love exists

In the unborn world*, the heart is the first organ to develop in the womb.

In the beginning, when an embryo is made up of only a few cells, each cell is fed directly from it’s surroundings. But as the cells divide and multiply to become into a whole (glowing) growing being- the heart is the first organ that begins to take shape. This embryonic heart begins to beat approximately 21 days into your existence and continues carrying out this same vital job until the (tender) afterlife.

As the heart begins to beat, it does not beat alone.
First, it begins to pace with our mother (creator).
(i was not born into this world alone, i will not leave (you in) this world alone)
and then as days go on and our bodies form, it finds it’s own steady drum.
Sixty to a hundred times a minute the heart is filled life Red and kept beat.beat.beating.
4,800 times per hour,
42,048,000 times a year.
(we are beat.beat.beating)
Live long enough and you’ll begin to lose count.
Love long enough and watch more union unfold-
Even in adulthood when two people spend enough time with each other, looking into each other’s eyes and breathing.(beating.being) with each other, their hearts begin to beat in time with each other like fireflies pulsing in patterns.
Biosynchronicity (let’s call it)

This is the beautiful thing about human connection. It’s both visible and invisible. A (precious) thing with secret passages that lead from the eyes to the heart. The mystics proclaimed it first, the lovers knew kit best- we find mirrors in each other again and again (and again and again).
And there are other mirror miracles too – when a teacher is teaching a class, students will begin to breathe in time with the teacher. When women spend enough time with each other, their menstrual cycles sync up.

Our body’s blueprint is connection|union|creation|release and (occasional) compromise.

(The heart is also a muscle) (it has a muscle memory too)
it knows how to beat to me and it learns how to beat to you.
(and like any other muscle, the more you use it the stronger it gets)
The affordance of the heart is to expand and contract.

I look beyond myself, i include another, i let you in, I’m in love with you.
i make myself (so) tenderrrrrr.
(I am life-red oxygenated)

I protect myself. I know myself. I trace my own outlines.
I forgive old narratives. I let go of bad blood. I release. I purify.
(I am life-red oxygenated)

Love is not a feminine or masculine emotion. It is not dual or binary.
Love is where we meet (again and again, and again and again).
It is in the middle of the two intersecting binaries in our body.
Where Love exists, Fear does not exist.
I exist because love exists.
If not for the love of two bodies, the love of my caretakers, the love-song that is the earth made harvest that fills my bowl. If not for the miracle sun love, for pollination love, the five layers of atmosphere love, the breath love, forest love, crystal mountain love, friend love, the families we create in love – we would not exist.
(sing it with me)
We exist because love exists.

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