(boy you make me) Overflow

(boy you make me) Overflow is a love letter written in water by artist Shilo Shiv Suleman in collaboration with sea creatures that live at the bottom of the ocean making beautiful altars with plastics and pearls made of her secrets. .
In a series of intricate and intimate embroideries based on a true and temporary love story,

Shilo’s work put’s utmost fate in the imagination, as she conjures a world where an unresponded text message from a boy is spun into a imaginary folk story where a cellphone is swallowed by a fish and turned into an art installation.

The exhibition consisted of three wearable folk costumes jewelled with plastics, fishing net, sea glass, coral, pearls and other (semi)precious objects that the artist personally collected on various salty shores. In her words: “even plastic deserves an afterlife and at least something beautiful came out of my longing”

Sassoon Docks
Mumbai 2018

for enquiries email: shiloshivsuleman@gmail.com