When I was a child I used to believe that I was in constant communication and conversation with the natural world. The moon followed me home at night, the clouds would hide shapes for me.

When one grows up and falls in love, this relationship with nature is intensified. When in love, the moon shines just for us as we walk down silver streets, the rain falls at the perfect moment of a first kiss.
We give flowers to our lovers, have butterflies in our stomach when touched, every pebble or shell collected while together becomes more significant, more beautiful. And Nature responds too, the Wind caresses, the waves rise and fall and lap up against the shore, we are brushed by leaves and cradled by the earth.

Through ‘Beloved’, I explore the hypothesis that perhaps the greater longing is to be united not just with the beloved, but with nature itself.

‘Beloved’ is an exploration of Nature, Intimacy and Technology.

Art Musings
Mumbai 2014

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